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21 February 2017 | by

Revisions to BS 5266 have been made to better align the document with national and European standards and to reflect the fact that, in some scenarios, such as hospitals or care homes, occupants may need to remain on the premises in safety.

01 June 2013 | by

Pavement lights first appeared in London in the late 1880s in the form of cast iron frames glazed with cut squares of glass.

16 July 2011 | by

This programme explores the reality behind the hype, explaining how LEDs work, outlining their history and providing a detailed discussion of the qualities of LEDs within six key categories.

01 March 2010 | by

The 2010 edition of Part L is going to require even greater efficiencies from lighting systems. BSRIA lighting specialist, Richard Forster, identifies the major changes.