Charles Stirling

Charles Stirling

Technical Author at NBS

Charles Stirling is a Technical Author at NBS.

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01 November 2012 | by

We call out some key safety considerations when undertaking site surveys.

01 November 2011 | by

We explore the hazards of moisture penetration in external walls and ways to avoid problems.

01 May 2011 | by

Charles Stirling, discusses the problems arising when building physics does not receive adequate attention in pitched roof construction or alteration.

01 November 2009 | by

Multi-layer insulation blankets have recently been added to NBS section P10. We examine their uses and efficiency.

01 May 2009 | by

NBS Technical Author, Charles Stirling, passes on his knowledge of vapour permeable membranes. Not forgetting their application in Scottish rigid sarking constructions gained in his experience north of the border.

01 March 2009 | by

We look at considerations when specifying reinforced bitumen membranes with reference to BS EN 13707 and BS 8747.

01 March 2009 | by

We look at ways of mitigating the risk of condensation when insulating various roof types.

01 May 2008 | by

We explore different types of thatch and how to mittigate some of the risks around its use on a construction project.