30 November 2017
Autodesk University opening keynote

Missed this year's opening keynote at Autodesk University Las Vegas? This session, and many others, are now available to watch online on the Autodesk University website.

Autodesk President and CEO Andrew Anagnos gives his perspective on automation and the future of work and what this means for construction. 

There's even a sneaky mention of the NBS Online Viewer at the end of the presentation!

Watch the opening keynote on demand


Andrew Anagnos

Andrew Anagnost is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Autodesk. Anagnost's career spans more than 25 years of product, business, and marketing experience focused on driving strategy, transformation, and product development.

Hilbrand Katsma

Hilbrand Katsma is COO of Van Wijnen Noord B.V.. Van Wijnen is one of the leading constructing companies in the Netherlands.

Pierre Maillot

Pierre Maillot, senior technological advisor, Bosch Group Pierre Maillot acts as senior technological advisor for the Bosch Group. 

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