17 October 2017 | by

When it comes to specifying data requirements on construction projects many Asset Information Requirements (AIRs) can often be found wanting.

Without this clarity on what's required upfront and the subsequent validation of data against as-built the full and true benefits of BIM - improved operational performance - can never hope to be fully realised.

As a schema for data exchange COBie only takes us so far. COBie is simply not designed to be a data specification tool. While it contains product attributes (some suggested, some required) these tend to focus on a few operational or maintenance fields that will be of use to the client or facilities manager. When it comes to actual product performance properties these are rarely specified but are, of course, of vital importance across the project lifecycle.

To this end the UK BIM Alliance has established a new project team to produce new guidance on setting data requirements, what data is required and how this links to Employers' Plain Language Questions. The team will also develop a basic tool for clients, contractors and asset managers to use to ensure they are setting meaningful data requirements. The intention is for this tool not be a standard or definitive list but a helpful prompt for clients and supply chains.

Download the guidance document (.pdf)

Download the data matrix (.xls)