01 February 2019

Our first Construction Technology Report, mapping the views, practices and adoption of new technologies across the industry.

Having mapped the adoption of BIM in the UK for almost a decade, we wanted to run a parallel survey to provide a wider perspective of digital transformation.

Included in this years report

  • Digital transformation: It's about people and technology. Ben Highfield,  Microsoft. 
  • BDP Technology adoption narrative: Typical project workflows. Alistair Kell,  BDP.
  • BIM Development technology in the built environment. Glenn Tate, Ryder. 
  • Our technology stack. Rob Jackson, Bond Bryan Digital. 
  • Technology in the built environment. Nick Ainscough, IBI Group. 

What has the report shown?

  • Nearly 90% of survey respondents say that digitisation will transform how  they work
  • 70% think those who do not adopt digital ways of working will go out of  business
  • Almost two thirds are using cloud computing now
  • One third are now using virtual, augmented or mixed reality
  • Many are designing for offsite construction: 41% do so now and further third  will be within five years

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Digital transformation is not simply the adoption of a set of technologies. As we have seen over the last nine years with the continued rise in the adoption of BIM, digital transformation is about creating a culture of cooperation and innovation, supported by the use of digital tools.

Richard Waterhouse, CEO, NBS