01 July 2016

 Update: Since this article was first written, all the content from the NBS National BIM Library has moved across to NBS Source.

Earlier this year we launched a playful take on the classic Periodic Table of Elements as applied to the often-jargon-filled world of Building Information Modelling and digital construction.

If you've missed it then you can get a recap on the main idea here or click play on the video for a run through...

For the past few months we've been exploring each of the groupings within the table and delving into the elements within, calling out key concepts and resources along the way. You can find all of our articles here.

This week sees the launch of an interactive version of the table making it even easier to access info on individual elements.

View the interactive Periodic Table of BIM

We hope that you enjoy this new way to navigate through the table, and welcome your comments (and debate) on social media - you can find us on Twitter as @theNBS and we're also on LinkedIn.

You can also still access the pdf version of the table - ideal for printing, sharing, brightening up your office wall or testing that all your printer ink is still working.

Download the Periodic Table of BIM (.pdf, 1Mb)