Stefan Mordue

Stefan Mordue

Regional Consultancy Manager, i3 by AECOM. Former NBS Business Solutions Consultant. Architect, Co-author of BIM for Dummies & BIM for Construction Health & Safety, and founding member of BIM2050.

I am one of the fortunate few who has successfully mixed my career and my passions. Being a chartered architect, construction project manager and author, has allowed me to indulge in many areas that genuinely interest me, whilst at the same time paying the bills.

In my time at NBS I perfomed in two roles: first as a Technical Content Author and latterly as a Business Solutions Consultant providing consultancy to support the successful implementation of NBS products and services as part of best-practice BIM process.

I am currently Regional Consultancy Manager for i3 by AECOM.

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14 November 2016 | by

Stefan Mordue explores a range of factors to consider when specifying real or artificial Christmas trees.

21 September 2016 | by

What do you need to consider when specifying seats for stadia? Our guide explores the role of the humble seat in providing a suitable ‘safe zone’ for audiences and where to look for advice on seating systems and layouts.

24 May 2016 | by

Stefan Mordue introduces a playful take on Dmitri Mendeleev's classic table of elements in this introduction to the Periodic Table of BIM, published in the National BIM Report 2016.

03 March 2016 | by

An essential part of your BIM education - the key terms, components and concepts presented in one easy-to-follow periodic table. Start swotting up and see how many you know already.

01 July 2015 | by

Stefan Mordue looks at the thought process behind the NBS National BIM Library's next phase of generic content.

28 May 2015 | by

Stefan Mordue looks what levels of information are required at various stages of the project lifecycle

01 September 2014 | by

Find out more about the NBS BIM Object Standard which exists to establish minimum requirements for BIM objects, laying down the foundations for robust, consistent information.

01 June 2014 | by

Stefan Mordue looks at proposed changes to the Construction Design and Management Regulations (CDM).

01 June 2013 | by

An exploration of the ‘guidelines’ or ‘rules’ that determine what BIM information is exchanged.

01 February 2013 | by

Stefan Mordue, Architect and Technical Author for NBS, reflects on the recent CIC BIM 2050 launch, Stefan, who is the CIC BIM 2050 Group communication manager, will be representing the RIBA within the multidiscipline group.

01 September 2012 | by

Thoughts on what BIM means for health and safety and the CDM Co-ordinator.

01 August 2012 | by

Stefan Mordue looks at progress a year on from publication of the Government construction strategy.

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