Dr Stephen Hamil


Director Research and Innovation at NBS


Degree in Structural Engineering and a PhD in the digital modelling of building structures. Stephen began working at NBS in 1999 and has played a big part in the developments of products such as NBS Building, NBS Create and the NBS National BIM Library. 

Areas of expertise: 

BIM, digital construction, digital information, cloud technology,  software development, manufacturer information, open standards, specification NBS Create, NBS Building, NBS Online Viewer, NBS Toolkit.

Presented at: 

ICE BIM Conference, BIM Show Live, European BIM Summit Barcelona, RICS BIM Conference, buildingSMART International Singapore, Autodesk University London and Las Vegas. 


Chapters for HM Government UK and International Guides to BIM Level-2. 



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01 April 2014 | by

Dr Stephen Hamil, Director of Design and Innovation at NBS, gives his thoughts on BIM Show Live 2014.

01 January 2014 | by

Dr Stephen Hamil's presentation on BIM in action given at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers conference in November 2013.

01 July 2013 | by

Discover how NBS Create has been designed to enable you to quickly and easily specify construction products either generically or by using manufacturer and product references. This guide also illustrates how to export a full list of all the manufacturers and product specified in your NBS Create specification, plus how to output into a COBie format.

20 May 2013 | by

Recently presented at the BIM Show Live 2013, Dr Stephen Hamil, NBS Director of Design and Innovation, discusses how NBS Create and the NBS National BIM Library can be used to enable information flow throughout the entire BIM process, thus maximising the benefits of BIM. The features shown in the NBS Plug-in for Revit including Autodesk Revit 2014 compatibility will be available with the next version, scheduled for release in June 2013.

01 October 2012 | by

Dr Stephen Hamil asks the question whether 2013 will be the year in which the focus will now move on to the information within building information modelling.

01 April 2012 | by

This article is based on the presentation on the same topic presented by Dr Stephen Hamil at the ecobuild 2012 'Better with BIM' seminar series.

01 March 2012 | by

Will the widespread adoption of BIM result in the reduction of the design fees that architects pay? Dr Stephen Hamil argues they could actually increase.

10 January 2012 | by

Dr Stephen Hamil muses on the question "What does BIM mean from a service engineering point of view?" posed at the CIBSE Building Services Conference.

01 September 2011 | by
Last amended on 07 April 2017

Construction Operations Building Information Exchange (COBie) is a non-proprietary data format for the publication of a subset of building information models (BIM) focused on delivering asset data as distinct from geometric information. Stephen Hamil examines COBie and discusses the role of CAD and master specification systems in creating this data model.

01 August 2011 | by

The benefits gained from Building Information Modelling (BIM) correspond to the quality and depth of information in the model. Dr Stephen Hamil explains how BIM is not just 3D CAD and how master specification systems make a huge contribution to the 'I' in BIM.

01 August 2011 | by

Dr Stephen Hamil comments on the development of point cloud surveys.

01 April 2011 | by

Dr Stephen Hamil answers some of the most popular questions around Building Information Modelling (BIM).

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