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19 July 2016 | by

We explore definitions of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and explore a range of useful tools and resources.

13 July 2016 | by

Wonder why you'd need a specification and what the benefits would be? Tempted to do without a specification at all? We've 10 key reasons as to why you shouldn't scrimp when it comes to specifications.

15 June 2016 | by

UK universities are becoming increasingly competitive as the student pool shallows. Iconic building and refurbishment projects are becoming increasingly common both as a means of attracting new students and meeting the shifting needs of existing workers and learners. We explore some of the key trends emerging from UK higher education's construction projects.

08 March 2016 | by

Video of the 'Redesign of the Old Post Office Building, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne' presentation by Richard Waterhouse, Chief Executive NBS/ RIBA Enterprises, delivered at the Art in Architecture event.

08 March 2016 | by

Video of the 'panel discussion' session chaired by Peter Buchan, Senior Partner, Ryder Architects, at the Art in Architecture event.

08 March 2016 | by

Video of the 'Art, achitecture and the city' presentation by Giles Smith, Founder, Assemble - 2015 Turner Prize Winner.

08 March 2016 | by

Video of the 'Building the case for an improved economy through culture' presentation by Jonathan Ruffer, Chairman of the Auckland Castle Trust.

08 March 2016 | by

Video of the 'Exemplars of buildings where culture is at the core and artists have been involved as part of the early design process' presentation by Peter Buchan, Senior Partner, Ryder Architecture.

28 January 2016 | by

An estimated 50 million litres of waste decorative paint is generated in the UK each year. A new industry-led project aims to create a circular economy for such paint, to stop it ending up in landfill.

17 September 2015 | by

This weekend sees the grand opening of Birmingham’s New Street station after a five year redevelopment project with the aim of creating a world-class transport, shopping and community hub in the heart of the city. But how do you deliver a massive construction project around the 170,000 passengers who use the station every day?

01 March 2015 | by

The NBS National BIM Library is now the largest library of BIM objects in the UK and it is growing faster than any other. But don’t just take our word for it, you can see for yourself!

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