25 January 2016

Today marks a new chapter in the life of theNBS.com as we launch our new site that puts the foundations in place for us to provide you with a better service.

Over the past few months, we've consulted with a range of NBS customers and site visitors to understand exactly what users want from theNBS.com. After a short beta period where we've acted on a range of user feedback today sees us 'go live' with the new site.

What's changed?

The team here at NBS have been working away on the project for the last few months and have gone right back to first principles with the aim of delivering around the needs of our users.

While our new brand identity may be the most obvious visual change, this isn't a mere fresh lick of virtual paint. Our new site offers clearer navigation, improved information on our services and easier access to our technical knowledge and support. The technical changes we've made also provide the foundation to provide a range of improved services in the months and years ahead.

Find out more about what's changed - getting around the new theNBS.com 

oldThe new theNBS.com website

The previous theNBS.com website (top) has
been redeveloped and replaced by our new site (bottom)

What's next?

We've lots to improve in the coming weeks and months, and lots we want to deliver to help make our site even better.

You can comment on what you see today by contacting us. We'll be carefully reading and considering all suggestions we receive and working up a programme to act on key findings.

Today is just the beginning of a brand-new theNBS.com that works better for you. We're looking forward to your feedback to help shape its development.