The amended Building Regulations Approved Document L: 'Conservation of fuel and power' (coming into force in October 2010) will impose significant improvements in the energy efficiency standards of new domestic and non-domestic buildings and reduce carbon footprints of existing homes. This programme provides a snapshot of the likely changes and obligations to look out for.

It starts by clarifying the structure of Part L and explaining its links with Approved Documents F: 'Ventilation', J: 'Combustion appliances and fuel storage systems' and with the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme.

The key changes to Parts L1A, L1B and L2A are then addressed in more detail. For Part L1A, the altered design stage Target Emissions Rate (TER) is explained, along with 'commissioning plans' and a new requirement to demonstrate continuous insulation. On Part L1B, U-values, conservatories and the revised definition of 'renovation' work are discussed. Air permeability, Robust Details and solar gain are considered, along with other items in Part L2.

About the contributor

Geoff Wilkinson is vice chair of the Building Control Standards Faculty at the Chartered Institute of Building and Building Regulations columnist at The Architects' Journal. Geoff has previously appeared in the NBS Learning Channels programmes 313106 'Code for Sustainable Homes – Overview 2009', and 313104 'Code for Sustainable Homes – Water'.

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