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We round-up a range of articles looking at asbestos - a versatile material that led to prevalence and has left a toxic legacy that needs to be suitably controlled.

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29 October 2018 | by

Renby Ltd looks at the types of workplace dust, the conditions dust can cause and what employers must do to prevent them

02 May 2018 | by

We've found a few stimulating titles that'll exercise your mind whilst keeping you off those pesky emails 

26 March 2018 | by

What are the main causes of injury, illness and death in the construction industry - and how can we avoid them?

28 February 2017 | by

Its versatility led to prevalence. We explore the toxic legacy left by asbestos, its impact on the construction industry, and explore precautions required when managing and working with asbestos.

08 July 2015 | by

Buckingham Palace's 775 rooms have seen better days. We outline a list of construction problems but who will foot the £150m bill and will Her Majesty need to move out during the works?

08 October 2012 | by

The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 came into force on 6 April 2012 (superseding the 2006 version) leading to additional requirements involving how asbestos-related work is notified and recorded and setting out a new need for 'medical surveillance'.

17 July 2011 | by

Safety and health should both be intrinsic concerns of good management, and this programme takes a look at the key health issues in construction, some simple steps to reduce the risks of ill health, and some of the benefits of doing so.

17 July 2011 | by

Sarah Mallagh, head of the Health and Safety Executive's Asbestos Unit, runs through the different types of asbestos, where it can be found, and the diseases (such as mesothelioma and lung cancer) that are caused by breathing in asbestos fibres.

01 November 2005 | by

We have recently had a couple of queries about materials blacklists, which we had thought were a thing of the past. Clearly this is not the case, so John Gelder revisits the issue.