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Fire safety

We round-up articles looking at fire safety.

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02 May 2018 | by

We've found a few stimulating titles that'll exercise your mind whilst keeping you off those pesky emails 

26 March 2018 | by

What are the main causes of injury, illness and death in the construction industry - and how can we avoid them?

21 February 2017 | by

Revisions to BS 5266 have been made to better align the document with national and European standards and to reflect the fact that, in some scenarios, such as hospitals or care homes, occupants may need to remain on the premises in safety.

08 February 2017 | by

What is the difference between an ordinary door and a fire door? This article provides some insight into the use of fire doors in passive fire protection, how they should be specified correctly and who is responsible for their maintenance.

23 May 2016 | by

We explore fire extinguishers and similar firefighting equipment. How fire extinguishers are colour coded and what kinds of fires different types of extinguisher can be used on.

14 March 2016 | by

We take a look at some key documentation that will prove invaluable when planning the fire safety strategy of your next project.

17 July 2011 | by

The amended Building Regulations Approved Document L: 'Conservation of fuel and power' (coming into force in October 2010) will impose significant improvements in the energy efficiency standards of new domestic and non-domestic buildings and reduce carbon footprints of existing homes. This programme provides a snapshot of the likely changes and obligations to look out for.

17 July 2011 | by

This programme takes a look at principles of fire safety, along with common problems and solutions, but with a particular emphasis on passive fire protection that works through the compartmentation of buildings.

17 July 2011 | by

Parts L, J, F and G of the Building Regulations Approved Documents have been amended. From October 2010, energy efficiency standards, improved ventilation rates and significant carbon reduction criteria are mandatory. Domestic properties must also reduce their average water use by 10 per cent. Presented by the main authors of the Approved Documents and other leading experts in the field, this programme explains the key issues to be aware of and the various methods of compliance.

17 July 2011 | by

BS EN 1991, Eurocode 1: Actions on Structures provides information and guidance on all the actions that it's usually necessary to consider in the design of buildings and civil engineering structures.

16 July 2011 | by

In this programme the changes in Approved Document B relating to fire safety design in residential and non residential buildings are examined.

01 June 2010 | by

Peter Barker, Senior Consultant at Chiltern International Fire, outlines the issues and offers practical advice on managing the fire risk in historic buildings.

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