24 January 2016

Welcome to the new theNBS.com site.

To make things easy to find we've split the site into three main sections - Services, Knowledge and Support. You can access the key information in each of these sections from the icons at the top of the page - select one and a menu will appear showcasing the key pages in each section.


Our Services section provides information on what the NBS offers you - whether you're an architect, work in building services engineering, structural engineering, landcape architecture or are working on small projects or BIM projects, our pages showcase what you're likely to need and show how it all works together. 

If you want more information on our tools - perhaps NBS Create or NBS Building, you'll find the information you need to make the right choice for you - what the tool does, what content is included, what support and training is on offer and how to purchase.

Building product manufacturers will also find details of the NBS offer for them. 


The Knowledge section of the site is the home of our specialist-written articles on matters of interest to construction professionals.

Our new hub pages allow us to both showcase the depth and breadth of content on offer and allow you to find what you need more quickly.

We've eight major hubs reflecting key areas of interest - BIM (Building Information Modelling), Design and Specification, Construction Products, Contracts and Law, Plan of Work and Project Administration, Standards and Regulations, Sustainability and Health and Safety.

From these pages you can access the wealth of articles available and get quick and easy access to the most relevant NBS services and support materials.

In time we'll be adding more hub pages which will act as 'collections of content' to make it even easier to access our articles - be they on Flooding, classification systems, building types (like museums or sports grounds) or construction products like timber.

When accessing our knowledge (and support) articles you'll notice the ability to share the content or save it to 'My NBS' for viewing later via the My NBS button at the top or bottom of the page.


As an NBS customer you’ll become part of the NBS community with access to specialists for help when you need it and opportunity to contribute.

Our Support section makes it easy to find the information you need with dedicated pages for getting started or downloading software and sections for our tools like NBS Create or NBS Building where you'll find all the knowledgebase articles for each tool ordered by category.

You'll also find details of our Advisory Panel and Beta Test Programme, where you get the opportunity to influence NBS services today and in the years to come.

When accessing our support (and knowledge) articles you'll notice the ability to share the content or save it to 'My NBS' for viewing later via the My NBS button at the top or bottom of the page. 

Best of the rest


Users with an NBS ID can sign into the site using the Sign In/Register link in the top navigation bar to access My NBS. From here you can administer your account, sign up for our NBS eWeekly email newsletter, and access items you've recently viewed or saved when browsing the site. You can also select topics of interest and opt in to receive an email alert when content is added. New users can register to take advantage.

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Your feedback

We're always happy to receive feedback about our services and theNBS.com is no exception. Contact us.

We've lots to improve in the coming weeks and months, and lots we want to deliver to help make our site even better. We'll be carefully reading and considering all suggestions we receive and working up a programme to act on key findings. Today is just the beginning of a brand-new theNBS.com that works better for you.