John Gelder


Former head of content development and sustainability at NBS/ RIBA Enterprises

John Gelder was at NBS/ RIBA Enterprises from 2000 to 2014, latterly as head of content development and sustainability. He is currently a lecturer in Construction at the University of South Australia and a member of buildingSMART.

During John's time at NBS he was involved in the development of NBS Create and Uniclass2 (both launched in 2012), and of the NBS Sustainability Survey 2012. He participated in iCIM, a TSB-funded research project with Northumbria University and others, which prototyped the automation of the calculation of embodied carbon and other attributes (first shown in 2012).

John was a member of the RIBA Sustainable Futures Group and BSI committee B/558 Sustainability of construction works, and was on the BRE Green Guide to Specification and TSB IMPACT Project Steer Groups. He has written many articles on aspects of sustainability for and others.

Before joining NBS, he was involved in the development of the AIA Environment Design Guide (EDG), first published in 1995, and the AIA Environment Policy. He edited International Construction Information Society (ICIS) Report 3 Environmentally responsible specifying – an international survey (1999). He retains his interest in sustainability, and is renewing involvement with the EDG.
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24 June 2015 | by

Most countries have some ambition when it comes to setting an exemplar approach for the development of sustainable buildings. John Gelder asesses Australia's approach.

01 May 2014 | by

John Gelder looks at the latest developments to Uniclass 2.

01 November 2013 | by

We explore a definition of renewable materials and consider some common characteristics – carbon sinks, flammability and biodegradability.

01 September 2013 | by

The UK construction industry has been making strides towards greater collaboration for many years but never truly embraced the concept. The rise of BIM is spurring new efforts - we look at progress so far.

01 August 2013 | by

At Ecobuild 2013 John Gelder of RIBA Enterprises hosted a conversation with Sofie Pelsmakers of UCL and Architecture for Change, and Martin Townsend of BRE.

01 June 2013 | by

John Gelder, Head of content development and sustainability, contributed a chapter on BIM and FM to the new guide, BIM for the terrified. This article is an extended version of that chapter.

01 May 2013 | by

It has been suggested by some that, rather than developing or implementing Uniclass2, we in the UK should switch to OmniClass, used in North America. John Gelder takes a critical look at OmniClass comparing it throughout with Uniclass2.

01 February 2013 | by

We investigate offsite and onsite inspection and test regimes with practical examples.

01 November 2012 | by

Uniclass2 is nearing the final version of its first iteration, so it is time to look at how it might be used. John Gelder explores the issue.

01 February 2012 | by

A look at developments in construction classification highlighted in workshops run by Construction Project Information (CPI) and RIBA Enterprises in February 2012.

01 January 2012 | by

John Gelder considers the Uniclass parent standard, ISO 12006-2 which is being revised in 2012.

01 November 2011 | by

Uniclass is set to change, including Table J – the Common Arrangement of Works Sections (CAWS). Here John Gelder, Head of content development and sustainability, outlines the replacement for CAWS.

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