John Gelder

John Gelder

Lecturer in construction, University of South Australia

John Gelder was at NBS from 2000 to 2014, latterly as head of content development and sustainability. He is currently a lecturer in Construction at the University of South Australia and a member of buildingSMART.

During John's time at NBS he was involved in the development of NBS Create and Uniclass2 (both launched in 2012), and of the NBS Sustainability Survey 2012. He participated in iCIM, a TSB-funded research project with Northumbria University and others, which prototyped the automation of the calculation of embodied carbon and other attributes (first shown in 2012).

John was a member of the RIBA Sustainable Futures Group and BSI committee B/558 Sustainability of construction works, and was on the BRE Green Guide to Specification and TSB IMPACT Project Steer Groups. He has written many articles on aspects of sustainability for and others.

Before joining NBS, he was involved in the development of the AIA Environment Design Guide (EDG), first published in 1995, and the AIA Environment Policy. He edited International Construction Information Society (ICIS) Report 3 Environmentally responsible specifying – an international survey (1999). He retains his interest in sustainability, and is renewing involvement with the EDG.
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24 June 2015 | by

Most countries have some ambition when it comes to setting an exemplar approach for the development of sustainable buildings. John Gelder asesses Australia's approach.

01 November 2013 | by

We explore a definition of renewable materials and consider some common characteristics – carbon sinks, flammability and biodegradability.

01 August 2013 | by

At Ecobuild 2013 John Gelder of RIBA Enterprises hosted a conversation with Sofie Pelsmakers of UCL and Architecture for Change, and Martin Townsend of BRE.

01 June 2013 | by

John Gelder, Head of content development and sustainability, contributed a chapter on BIM and FM to the new guide, BIM for the terrified. This article is an extended version of that chapter.

01 February 2013 | by

We investigate offsite and onsite inspection and test regimes with practical examples.

01 November 2011 | by

We explore substitution, the use of 'or equal' and its ilk, and 'deemed-to-comply' specifications, and make a few suggestions.

01 May 2010 | by

Though most fabric and services systems and products can be used in facilities of all types, some are specific to a particular facility. So where does a specifier go for neutral authoritative technical information on systems and products pertaining to sports facilities?

01 August 2008 | by

John Gelder explores the contents of some early English-language works on specifying, published between 1840 and 1940.

01 April 2008 | by

Following our article on specification, or lack of it, at Ian McGlinn's Maison d'Or 'Yes! We have no specifications', John Gelder looks at what the case tells us about inspection.

10 January 2007 | by

Like Nero's Domus Aurea, little remains of Ian McGlinn's Maison d'Or – though a legal (rather than archaeological) legacy lives on. John Gelder looks at what this legacy tells us about specification.

01 November 2005 | by

We have recently had a couple of queries about materials blacklists, which we had thought were a thing of the past. Clearly this is not the case, so John Gelder revisits the issue.

01 May 2005 | by

There is a veritable rainbow of standards for the generic specification of colour. John Gelder, Content development manager, looks for the pot of gold.

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