We round-up a range of articles looking at IFC - the industry-wide open and neutral data format that is fast becoming the de-facto standard for rich data exchange

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23 May 2017 | by

Industry Foundation Classes - or IFC, for short, makes it possible to hold and exchange relevant data between different software applications and is at the heart of openBIM. We explore interoperability for digital construction in this beginner's guide.

04 August 2016 | by

NBS recently became the first UK organisation to become an Autodesk Solution Associate following years of hard work and collaboration via the Autodesk Developer Network. Here we take a look at developments.

04 August 2016 | by

At NBS we are committed to supporting open standards for BIM. Furthermore, we have been one of the most active organisations in the UK involved in developing these standards and encouraging their use. Here we explore just what that means in practice.

01 June 2013 | by

An exploration of the ‘guidelines’ or ‘rules’ that determine what BIM information is exchanged.