Anna Dekker

Anna Dekker

Technical Information Research Manager at NBS.

Anna Dekker is currently a Technical Research Manager at NBS and has previously been a Technical Author, writing specification content for landscape elements since 2008. She has been a member of the Landscape Institute Technical Committee and is currently part of the Landscape Institute BIM Working Group, contributing to the book ‘BIM for Landscape’. She has a degree in Environmental Biology, and post-graduate qualifications in Landscape Design and Urban Design. Prior to this she had 14 years’ practical experience as a Landscape Architect in North East England, working on a range of landscape and reclamation projects including a cemetery, forest parks, play areas, and improvements to green infrastructure on the highway.

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23 February 2018 | by

We have picked five key resources we think you will find useful if you are a practicing Landscape Architect. You could be just starting out in your career or have been practising for years, either way here are the top five resources you should know about.

01 August 2009 | by

Mycorrhizae are now being seriously considered as a means of improving nutrient deficient soils.

01 January 2008 | by

NBS Technical Author Anna Dekker clarifies changes to standards and NBS which took place in 2008.