This programme takes a look at 'Health and wellbeing' – Category 7 in the Code for Sustainable Homes. This category is formed of four parts – daylighting, sound insulation, private space (gardens, patios, etc), and lifetime homes – all of which are explained in the context of Code for Sustainable Homes credits.

Daylighting is addressed not only from the perspective of minimising the use of artificial lighting, but from the perspective of a quality internal environment. Definitions of luminance and illuminance are provided and related to the daylight factor and 'angle of visible sky'.

On sound insulation, decibels and decibel attenuation are explained, while some key dos and don'ts from BS 8233 Sound insulation and noise reduction for buildings are used as advice for compliance with the Code.

The Code's stipulations on private space are explained as the 'minimum size that allows all occupants to sit outside' and is addressed both for private and communal spaces.

Finally, lifetime homes is looked at in terms of making homes accessible and flexible to changes in lifestyle, listing the sixteen specific criteria from the Lifetime Homes Standard which designers are expected to meet.