01 December 2016

How many did you get right?

The answers

1. Process of identifying conflicts and issues through 3D collaboration and co-ordination. clash (5) detection.

3. BIM wash (4). The act of deliberately or intentionally overinflating a person or organisation’s BIM ability.
2. The act of retrospectively applying a BIM process to an existing project. Bimify (6) 4. A piece of data that defines a property or characteristic of an object, element or file. Attribute (9)
5. The Internet of Things (6). The concept of everyday physical objects that are connected to the internet and have the ability to identify themselves to other devices. 6. This kind of model consists of linked individual models and other information to create a single model of the asset. Federated (9)
7. A neutral, non-proprietary data schema developed by buildingSMART to define, describe, exchange and share information. IFC (3) 8. The collective term used to describe level of detail and level of information. Level of definition (10).
9. A collection of data exported from the BIM at a particular stage in a particular format and in level of definition. Data drop (4) 10. A shared generic framework for the key project stages where the project team can assign roles and responsibilities. Plan of works (5)
11. Clear questions the client asks the supply chain during the key stages of a project. Plain (5) Language Questions. 13. Simulation of the construction process using computerised models and techniques. Virtual (7) design and construction.
12. This kind of design is about using rule-based relationships between intelligent objects that enable the project team to update related properties when one property changes. Parametric (10) modelling. 14. Collection of reusable predefined assets such as objects, material and textures that can be imported into a BIM platform. Library (7).
16. A single source of information, such as a project extranet where project information is collected and shared among the project team. The common data (4) environment. 15. A document prepared by individual teams containing a federated list of information deliverables for each task including format, date and responsibilities. TIDP (4).
17. A tangible or intangible quantifiable outcome that’s provided to a receiving party. Deliverable (11)
18. Delivering the UK’s Level 3 Strategic Plan – Digital Built Britain (8).