Update: Since this article was first written, all the content from the NBS National BIM Library has moved across to NBS Source.


The NBS National BIM Library externallink is now the largest library of BIM objects in the UK and it is growing faster than any other. But don’t just take our word for it, you can see for yourself!

We have created a brand new video, showcasing just why the National BIM Library is better than any other and why you need to use it.

The video picks up on three key benefits:
  1. All objects in the library are authored to the NBS BIM Object Standard.
  2. There is a wealth of generic and manufacturer objects for architects and engineers.
  3. The BIM objects are designed to work in parallel to the NBS specification workflow.

All three of these points are extremely important to any organisation developing a coordinated BIM approach.

In recent months we have spoken to a number of organisations in the construction industry – covering many different spectrums – about their BIM strategies. Ultimately, each one always came down to process and structured-information. At NBS we put structure-information at the forefront of our BIM initiatives, and this is why we developed the NBS BIM Object Standard.

As more and more assets are being built with BIM the introduction of this standard has revolutionise the way in which we interact with the information. Whether you are a client, contractors, designer or manufacturer, authoring high quality and recognisable objects to an industry standard is absolutely critical.

The NBS National BIM Library can provide a large number of objects, but organisations will also want to create additional content for their office master BIM library, or if a manufacturer, they may have their own in-house team of BIM technicians to create their objects. Using the NBS BIM Object Standard ensures that all objects are to a uniformed standard of quality that is pragmatic and references the international and UK national construction standards.

In addition to manufacturer product information, our BIM library also offers thousands of generic objects, allowing specifiers to visualise their design at concept stage before replacing with a preferred manufacturer product. However, the NBS National BIM Library offers so much more than just a product model, it contains a wealth of essential product information. All this level of detail is also constructed to be compatible with NBS specification software, offering a seamless transition of BIM objects from library to speciation documents. This is done via a free plug-in we designed to be used in conjunction with leading industry design tools.

This new video is only but a taste of what you can expect when working with NBS and taking full advantage of our BIM knowledge and essential BIM services. And on a final note, many thanks to Soluis for developing this video for us – we think it’s amazing.

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