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22 October 2014 | by

We will visit Hoare Lea’s new offices, where they have invested heavily in new designed lighting systems and techniques that enhance energy use and lower costs, while providing a better psychological environment for staff.

10 September 2014 | by

This new gallery for architectural drawings, designed by German/Russian practice SPEECH Tchoban & Kuznetsov recently won the ar+d awards in the UK. It is a small 500m² gallery in Berlin, constructed in five above-ground tiers. The key focus of this programme is in the constructional techniques that have resulted in the decorative concrete surface of the main walls: abstractionist motifs. So the gallery for drawings is itself a drawing.

07 July 2014 | by

Designed by 3DReid and engineered by Buro Happold, the Co-op’s recently opened £100m headquarters in Manchester, 1 Angel Square, has a BREEAM ‘outstanding’ rating. This programme explores how the engineer and architect achieved the rating, beginning with a look at the building’s focal point; a vast, central atrium.

07 July 2014 | by

In 2013 RIBA replaces the 50-year old Plan of Work (PoW) with a new revamped version that will see the traditional 11 alphabetically arranged work stages replaced by eight numbered stages. This programme looks at the reasoning behind the change, what architects can expect and how it will affect their day-to-day practice.

07 July 2014 | by

This programme will present key research on the impact of energy efficiency strategies - such as the installation of insulation, draught-proofing and boiler upgrades - in low-income houses. It especially focuses on the health benefits of these improvements for elderly and infirm occupants and those generally regarded to be in fuel poverty.

01 June 2014 | by

Four points from the NBS National BIM Report 2014 provide an insight into how BIM is used and perceived within the industry.

01 May 2014 | by

Approved Document Part L Conservation of fuel and power has been updated. The latest – 2013 – versions came into force in April 2014 and this programme gives you a heads-up on some of the key technical changes.

30 April 2014 | by

This is a studio interview referencing a number of contracts BUT because of the level of complexity, detail and range, we will only look at some of the headline issues while recommending that people refer to NBS and the documents themselves. This programme will be a potential taster.

30 April 2014 | by

This programme will allow leading legal commentators to explain the finer points and lessons learned in recent legal cases.

01 April 2014 | by

The fourth NBS National BIM Report - the industry's most comprehensive report on BIM – looks at how UK building design professionals are adapting to the use of BIM.

22 December 2013 | by

In this programme Philip White, HSE's Chief Inspector of Construction and author of the Plan of Work 2010/11 talks about the HSE's plans to tackle deaths, injuries and lost working days.

11 December 2013 | by

Part 1 of the programme will deal with the start of the Adjudication, the appointment of the Adjudicator and the Referral Notice and timetable.

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