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Getting started with BIM

graphisoft_200How do you best grasp the opportunities of the digital construction revolution?

In partnership with Graphisoft externallink, this new series explores just how BIM relates to more traditional ways of working and how to make the switch to reap the rewards.

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03 January 2017 | by

The construction industry is increasingly looking to product manufacturers to provide high quality BIM objects for use in their projects but what are these objects, how are they used and what information do they include? And, crucially, how can manufacturers meet the demand?

20 December 2016 | by

What are the outputs that you can expect from your BIM process? We explore the Level 2 deliverables that spring from a raft of standards and supporting documentation and to Level 3 and beyond.

12 December 2016 | by

The future of construction is driven by information but what do we mean by 'information' when it comes to BIM? We explore the realities of digital construction and the information powering the revolution.

05 December 2016 | by

For the designer, BIM provides more than just a technological change in the way they work; it’s a complete refit of the entire design process. We explore what making the switch to BIM really means.