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Concrete is a popular choice for large-scale structures. Bridges, tunnels, roads and buildings are all built from the stuff. But, as a construction material, it's not without its problems. Every year billions of pounds are spent maintaining, fixing and restoring concrete structures, £40 billion in the UK alone. We round-up a range of articles looking at concrete as a construction product.

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20 February 2013 | by
Renzo Piano's Shard is the tallest building in Western Europe. This programme looks at how engineers WSP helped the architect realise his design in one of the most constrained sites imaginable. The programme focuses on three main areas: top down construction, the building's hybrid concrete and steel structure and construction of the building's 60m tall spire.
07 October 2011 | by
Whether the ground floor of a house is suspended or filled, it will include either a solid slab or an oversite layer of concrete laid on compacted hardcore directly on the ground. Both hardcore and soil are potential sources of sulfates and other chemicals harmful to concrete. This programme investigates the hardcore components and soil conditions likely to contain sulfates, explains how concrete is affected by sulfate attack and looks at methods used to prevent such damage.