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Practical advice on the process and procedures that underpin the delivery of successful project outcomes. Tap into specialist insight and analysis on Plan of Work and Project Administration from NBS.

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NBS Services for Plan of Work and Project Administration
01 February 2015 | by

The Skills Survey Report sheds new light on the expectations of both employers and recent graduates.

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01 December 2014 | by

A report by the BIM 2050 group explores what an interdisciplinary scope of work might look like as construction technology develops to BIM Level 3 and beyond.

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03 February 2016 | by

Ecobuild has partnered with NBS to create a dedicated Digital Building Theatre at this year’s event.

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02 February 2016 | by

Ecobuild 2016, this March, brings you a mix of suppliers that offer thousands of new and innovative products and services as well as offering a programme set to inspire, educate and solve your every day challenges.

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01 February 2016 | by

Ecobuild 2016 will see the launch of ‘Digital Building’ a feature area bringing together content and innovation around three key themes of digital design, construction and performance.

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28 January 2016 | by

With the Government mandate for use of Level 2 BIM on all publicly-funded projects looming large we explore some of the requirements for the implementation of a successful BIM process.

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25 January 2016 | by

Today marks a new chapter in the life of as we launch a new site that puts the foundations in place for us to provide you with a better service.

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