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Plan of Work and Project Administration

Practical advice on the process and procedures that underpin the delivery of successful project outcomes. Tap into specialist insight and analysis on Plan of Work and Project Administration from NBS.

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13 July 2016 | by

Ever thought of setting up your own practice? We launch a new series that will set you on the path to success. This time, what's your proposition? Can you shape a business around the bits of work that you find engaging and, even, fun?

NBS Services for Plan of Work and Project Administration
17 February 2016 | by

We explore some of the latest tools and apps for online collaboration. Whatever your line of work, whatever the task in hand, there's sure to be something that can eliminate frustration from your daily life...

13 July 2016 | by

Wonder why you'd need a specification and what the benefits would be? Tempted to do without a specification at all? We've 10 key reasons as to why you shouldn't scrimp when it comes to specifications.

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04 March 2017 | by

Sarah Wilson and Bal Manak, from Construction Law firm Watson Burton LLP, explore the role of a specification as part of a construction contract.

04 March 2017 | by

Our technical team author NBS specification products and are available to help customers who are using these tools for specification writing. The team members' backgrounds are diverse, with many years of experience working in the construction industry and producing their own specifications. Here we introduce you to some of the team as they share their specification experiences with you.

01 March 2017 | by

Long-heralded as a 'wonder material', graphene is set to make waves in a new generation of construction materials that will touch every aspect of our daily lives.

01 March 2017 | by

We explore some of the best apps for construction professionals. Whatever your line of work, whether architect or contractor, whatever the task in hand, whether on iOS or Android, there's sure to be something that will save you time and money.

21 February 2017 | by

Don't let fear stop you from reaping the benefits of adopting an organisational approach to Building Information Modelling (BIM). Here we explore how to get started when it comes to auditing and implementing new workflows to better support digital construction.

15 February 2017 | by

NBS research has found that Approved Documents are valued by users and are essential in making sure people comply with the building regulations. There is, however, work to be done to make them fit for digital construction.

06 February 2017 | by
Last amended on 02 October 2017

We assess the North-East's BIM credentials and look at its role in the digital construction revolution.

03 February 2017 | by

The construction industry can be a stressful environment and employers are starting to wake up to the scale of the problem. We explore a range of initiatives and organisations that are helping to ensure mental health is properly considered and addressed.

02 February 2017 | by

NBS explored the imperative for consistent quality data for manufacturer's objects in a seminar session at BIM Show Live 2017. Here we touch on some of the key areas that formed part of the session and share presentation slides.

17 January 2017 | by

Digital Built Britain is the next stage of the UK's digital construction revolution and will see the principles and practices required for BIM Level 3 solidify.

13 January 2017 | by

Soft landings help ensure a smooth ride for all concerned as buildings move from construction to occupation and use. Here we explore how to ensure operational efficiencies across the project timeline by means of a soft landing strategy with a passing nod to Government Soft Landings.

09 December 2016 | by

A year dominated by the historic referendum on the UK's membership of the European Union, 2016 has been a year of mixed fortunes for the construction industry. In this NBS review of the year we look at some of the key headlines from the year gone by and look forward to 2017.

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