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We round-up articles previewing and reviewing events and exhibitions.

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29 October 2015 | by

Secure your tickets for a new free conference and exhibition next month - Scotland Build - showcasing the best of Scottish construction and a wide range of potential opportunities north of the border.

01 December 2013 | by

Sustainability is a multi-dimensional concept. NBS Live on 26 November 2014 managed to cover many of the dimensions in a short space of time. How did they do it? Melanie Thompson of Get Sust! suspects they had some special help ... (can you guess what?)

01 August 2013 | by

At Ecobuild 2013 John Gelder of RIBA Enterprises hosted a conversation with Sofie Pelsmakers of UCL and Architecture for Change, and Martin Townsend of BRE.

10 January 2012 | by

Dr Stephen Hamil muses on the question "What does BIM mean from a service engineering point of view?" posed at the CIBSE Building Services Conference.

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