19 October 2018

2018 has been a big year for the range of NBS specification products. There have been enhancements, based on customer feedback, to NBS Building and NBS Create. In addition, we have recently launched our new cloud-based specification platform NBS Chorus.

At our recent series of NBS Discover events around the UK, NBS Director of Research and Innovation Dr Stephen Hamil presented all three of these. The videos below show the product demonstrations:


NBS Building

  • The basic principles of specification writing
  • The wider NBS ecosystem with standards and manufacturer integration
  • Recent enhancements around searching for content


NBS Create

  • Writing performance specifications to inform contractor design
  • Viewing the specification as a rich data model and not simply a printed document
  • Linking the specification to the objects in an integrated BIM environment


NBS Chorus

  • Moving to the cloud and collaboratively writing specifications
  • Writing specifications from within the integrated BIM environment
  • Delivering Uniclass 2015 information for Level-2 BIM projects