14 March 2017

While impossible to fully document the depth and breadth of BIM resources, an at-a-glance guide to some of the key organisations and tools is one of the most requested pieces of content. Here's the NBS guide to essential BIM resources - be sure to bookmark the page as we add more resources in the coming weeks...

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NBS BIM Toolkit
NBS Plug-in for Autodesk® Revit®
Plug-in for Graphisoft ArchiCAD
NBS Create
NBS Services - BIM Projects www.thenbs.com/bimworkflow


UK Building Information Modelling (BIM) Task Group www.bimtaskgroup.org
BIM 2050 Group https://bim2050.wordpress.com
BuildingSMART UK and Ireland www.buildingsmart.org.uk
Construction Project Information Committee (CPIC)
Construction Industry Council (CIC)
www.cic.org.uk | Twitter: @CICtweet
Digital Built Britain
thinkBIM (Centre for Knowledge Exchange, Leeds Beckett University) www.ckegroup.org/thinkbim.html | Twitter: @thinkbim | Blog: ckegroup.org/thinkbimblog
Women in BIM http://womeninbim.net


BIM Level 2
Periodic Table of BIM


Your 2017 reading list for BIM
Your 2016 reading list for BIM
theNBS.com - Book reviews

BIM in Small Practices
Buy BIM in Small Practices from RIBA Bookshops
BIM for Construction Health and Safety
Buy BIM for Construction Health and Safety from RIBA Bookshops
BIM Demystified (2nd Edition)
Buy BIM Demystified from RIBA Bookshops
Building Information Modelling for Dummies
Buy BIM for Dummies from RIBA Bookshops
BIM Management Handbook
Buy BIM Management Handbook from RIBA Bookshops
Read BIM Management Handbook review
Design Engineering Refocused
Buy Design Engineering Refocused from Wiley
Read Design Engineering Refocused review
BIM for Construction Clients Buy BIM for Construction Clients from RIBA Bookshops
Read BIM for Construction Clients review
Digital Property: Open-Source Architecture (AD) Buy from Digital Property (AD) from Wiley
Read Digital Property (AD) review
BIM for Landscape Buy BIM for Landscape from RIBA Bookshops
Read BIM for Landscape review
Implementing Virtual Design and Construction using BIM: Current and Future Practices
Buy Implementing Virtual Design and Construction using BIM from RIBA Bookshops
Read Implementing Virtual Design and Construction using BIM review
The BIM Manager's Handbook
Buy the BIM Manager's Handbook from RIBA Bookshops
Read the BIM Manager's Handbook review
Delivering Value with BIM: A Whole-of-Life Approach
Buy Delivering Value with BIM: A Whole-of-Life Approach from Amazon.co.uk
Read Delivering Value with BIM: A Whole-of-Life Approach review


Autodesk BIM 360
BIMopedia (including a comprehensive BIM Diary)
https://bimopedia.com | Twitter: @BIMDiary
Construction Code http://constructioncode.blogspot.co.uk

BIM events

BIM Show Live
www.bimshowlive.co.uk | Twitter: @BIMShowLive
Building Live
www.building-live.co.uk | Twitter: @BIM_UBM
Digital Construction Week
www.digitalconstructionweek.com | Twitter: @DigiConWeek

User groups

Bentley User Group UK www.bentleyuser.org
BIM in construction user groups http://beyonddesign.typepad.com/posts/bim-in-construction-user-groups.html
While impossible to fully document the depth and breadth of BIM resources, an at-a-glance guide to some of the key organisations and tools is one of the most requested pieces of content.

Related reading on theNBS.com

BIM (Building Information Modelling)
A range of feature articles on Building Information Modelling (BIM).
What is BIM?
BIM or Building Information Modelling is a process for creating and managing information on a construction project across the project lifecycle.
Isn't BIM just 3D CAD? Dr Stephen Hamil explains how BIM is not just 3D CAD and how master specification systems make a huge contribution to the 'I' in BIM. 
What is Digital Built Britain?
Digital Built Britain is the next stage of the UK's digital construction revolution and will see the principles and practices required for BIM Level 3
The top 10 BIM questions Dr Stephen Hamil answers some of the most popular questions around Building Information Modelling.
Top 10 BIM myths debunked
BIM myths busted. We dispel some common misconceptions, misunderstandings and downright myths, when it comes to Building Information Modelling (BIM), and cut through the noise to seek out the truth about the digital construction revolution.
Are you BIM ready? What your business needs to do before 2016 2016 saw the mandatory use of Level 2 BIM on all public-funded projects. In this 10 part series we explore how your business can become BIM-ready
Where to start with BIM
Don't let fear stop you from reaping the benefits of adopting an organisational approach to Building Information Modelling (BIM). Here we explore how to get started when it comes to auditing and implementing new workflows to better support digital construction.
What is a BIM Execution Plan (BEP)?
What is a BIM Execution Plan? What is it used for? What form does it take both pre- and post- contract? Who is responsible for its production? We explore the BEP and how to rise to the challenge of meeting Employer's Information Requirements (EIRs).
What is the Common Data Environment?
What is the common data environment or CDE on a construction project used for? Who contributes? Who is responsible? Who owns the information within? Why use a CDE at all? We explore the idea of a central information repository that is at the heart of BIM implementation.
What is COBie?
Construction Operations Building Information Exchange (COBie) is a non-proprietary data format for the publication of a subset of building information models (BIM) focused on delivering asset data as distinct from geometric information. Stephen Hamil examines COBie and discusses the role of CAD and master specification systems in creating this data model.
What does the term soft landings mean?
Soft landings help ensure a smooth ride for all concerned as buildings move from construction to occupation and use. Here we explore how to ensure operational efficiencies across the project timeline by means of a soft landing strategy with a passing nod to Government Soft Landings.
What does government soft landings mean? Rob Manning explores the concept of Government Soft Landings.
A manufacturer's guide to BIM object creation
The construction industry is increasingly looking to product manufacturers to provide high quality BIM objects for use in their projects but what are these objects, how are they used and what information do they include? And, crucially, how can manufacturers meet the demand?
BIM: What information is in the model?
What is the 'information model'? Ralph Montague explores the graphical data, non-graphical data and documents that you can be expected to provide as part of the building process .
BIM deliverables
What are the outputs that you can expect from your BIM process? We explore the Level 2 deliverables that spring from a raft of standards and supporting documentation and to Level 3 and beyond.
Clash detection in BIM
Your guide to clash avoidance and clash detection on a BIM project. What is a clash? What kinds of clashes might occur? How can clashes be detected? How can they be avoided in the first place? How do Level 2 and Level 3 BIM help in the design and construction phases? We aim to find out.
Exploring the NBS BIM Object Standard
The NBS BIM Object Standard sets out what constitutes a high-quality BIM object – with the right levels of information, appropriate geometry, and a consistent, structured format. In this new series we explore the standard in detail.
The information in BIM
The future of construction is driven by information but what do we mean by 'information' when it comes to BIM? We explore the realities of digital construction and the information powering the revolution.
Making the switch to BIM
For the designer, BIM provides more than just a technological change in the way they work; it’s a complete refit of the entire design process. We explore what making the switch to BIM really means.
BIM Level 2 - Was it worth it? BIM Level 2 – Was it worth it? Is it working? And what support can we expect for BIM Level 3?
The digital construction revolution: When will BIM become BAU? The pace of technological change won’t let up so needs to be embraced. While other industries may have made the digital leap earlier, the construction revolution is now well underway. We look at the road ahead as roles and disciplines blur to the role of a new generation of digital natives to whom BIM will just be business as usual.
The Periodic Table of BIM A playful take on Dmitri Mendeleev's classic table of elements - the Periodic Table of BIM
The NBS National BIM Report We round up articles focussing on the NBS National BIM Survey and resulting NBS National BIM Report.

BIM news, features and opinion

theNBS.com - BIM
BIM Crunch
theB1M www.theb1m.com
BIM+ www.bimplus.co.uk
BIM Today www.pbctoday.co.uk/news/category/bim-news
BIM Journal www.bimjournal.com
BIM Ireland www.bimireland.ie


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theNBS.com - Video www.thenbs.com/video
BIM Thoughts podcast
theB1M www.theb1m.com


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