17 August 2017

Picture the scene. You're at that BIM conference you persuaded finance to sign off on after pulling together a swathe of text that would put War and Peace to shame as to why you needed to go in the first place. It's the opening keynote from one of the BIM gods. The audience are listening intently. Then the mood changes.

There's a frantic tapping of phones. People's postures change. There's coughs and even what appears to be laughter.

You turn to Twitter to try and work out just what's going on.

Robots. Smart cities. Digital Built Britain..... #fluffykittens

Now we all know the internet is full of cats - LOLing, grumpy, being walked on bits of rope, but what provokes an onset of kittehs from the interwebs when it comes to BIM?

What has enraged the BIM community is the utterance of the phrase "BIM model".

What's the problem with that?

Have a kitteh.

Really? You don't get it? OK, here's a question - are you the kind of person who says "PIN number"?

You are?

Let's dissect that then - Personal Identification Number... Number.

You see where we're going with this, right?

"BIM model"?

Building Information Model Model.

Even Kraftwerk weren't quite so, erm, modelly.

The rumour being that when you use the phrase then surely the fluffy kittens will perish.

James Vandezande has even gone so far as creating a public service announcement:

Look fluffkins in the eyes and tell him you're sorry. And double down on proof-reading those speeches and presentations if you don't want to incur the wrath of the BIM community and detract from your arguments.

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