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01 May 2014 | by

Approved Document Part L Conservation of fuel and power has been updated. The latest – 2013 – versions came into force in April 2014 and this programme gives you a heads-up on some of the key technical changes.

30 April 2014 | by

This is a studio interview referencing a number of contracts BUT because of the level of complexity, detail and range, we will only look at some of the headline issues while recommending that people refer to NBS and the documents themselves. This programme will be a potential taster.

30 April 2014 | by

This programme will allow leading legal commentators to explain the finer points and lessons learned in recent legal cases.

01 January 2014 | by

Dr Stephen Hamil's presentation on BIM in action given at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers conference in November 2013.

22 December 2013 | by

In this programme Philip White, HSE's Chief Inspector of Construction and author of the Plan of Work 2010/11 talks about the HSE's plans to tackle deaths, injuries and lost working days.

11 December 2013 | by

This programme is an employment seminar by way of role play. It shows a director conducting a performance management hearing, which leads to an employee being disciplined for poor performance.

11 December 2013 | by

Part 1 of the programme will deal with the start of the Adjudication, the appointment of the Adjudicator and the Referral Notice and timetable.

11 December 2013 | by

Part 2 of the programme will deal with the responding party’s Response, the Adjudicator’s decision and enforcement.

20 November 2013 | by

The programme speaks to a number of architects about their anecdotes and advice about dealing with or moving to China.

19 November 2013 | by

This programme will be of benefit to architects, structural engineers, project managers and construction specialists who wish to understand how concrete can be used on walls, columns, slabs and ceilings as a specified architectural finish.

01 November 2013 | by

This is the first camera access into a new theatre built in north London. It is the first theatre to use rooflights in the auditoriums to bring in natural light – the obvious benefits being for the technical staff to be able to work in daylight, the reduction in energy costs, the ability to use the spaces during the day for rehearsals without using loads of energy on lighting, etc.

15 October 2013 | by

In this programme we visit the Scale Lane Swing Bridge and see it in action as the 900 tonne structure swings over the 60m-wide Hull. We look at how the structure was designed and made and examine the bridge’s role in regenerating the eastern bank of the river.

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