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07 July 2013 | by
Last amended on 08 September 2017

In this video programme from 2013 Crossrail’s Dr David Armstrong (head of engineering) and Sam Richards (head of urban integration) discuss the history of the project and provide an overview of the scheme as proposed.

07 July 2013 | by

This programme provides a heads-up at employment law changes in 2013.

01 July 2013 | by

Discover how NBS Create has been designed to enable you to quickly and easily specify construction products either generically or by using manufacturer and product references. This guide also illustrates how to export a full list of all the manufacturers and product specified in your NBS Create specification, plus how to output into a COBie format.

20 May 2013 | by

Recently presented at the BIM Show Live 2013, Dr Stephen Hamil, NBS Director of Design and Innovation, discusses how NBS Create and the NBS National BIM Library can be used to enable information flow throughout the entire BIM process, thus maximising the benefits of BIM. The features shown in the NBS Plug-in for Revit including Autodesk Revit 2014 compatibility will be available with the next version, scheduled for release in June 2013.

23 April 2013 | by

Romi Khosla Design Studio's Polyclinic for the Destitute near Old Delhi's Lahori Gate, opened at the end of 2012. Although the building has been completed, it is not officially open. This is the first filmed portrait of the building wedged alongside the market and the railway, the architect calls it: "our own little contribution to the urban cacophony."

23 April 2013 | by

This programme provides a brief guide to the work of the architect Eric Lyons and property development company Span Developments. It places Lyons' architecture in the context of post-war reconstruction and addresses the influence of Maxwell Fry and Walter Gropius upon his work, which combined the use of repeated forms and standardised parts with an artistic view of architecture.

27 March 2013 | by

The revised versions of Approved Document K and P come into force in April 2013. These documents have been rewritten, simplified and remodelled to Plain English standards and incorporate several new items. This programme will explain the changes and examine several of the new diagrams and explain slight shifts in technical guidance. It will also clarify the intentions behind the changes. We will look at some common misconceptions and failures in compliance with regard to these two Approved Documents.

12 March 2013 | by

Discover the benefits to incorporating information rich Building Information Modelling through the case study project 'NBS Lakeside Restaurant'.

10 March 2013 | by

As part of the series of BITESized talks at the RIBA Village auditorium at Ecobuild 2013, Koko Udom of RIBA Enterprises discusses how to achieve sustainability in construction projects.

10 March 2013 | by

As part of the series of BITESized talks at the RIBA Village auditorium at Ecobuild 2013, Richard Wise of Ryder Architecture discusses BIM implementation at Manchester Town Hall.

10 March 2013 | by

200 years on from Charles Darwin's birth and 150 years since the publication of his On the Origin of Species, the latest extension to the Natural History Museum in London – the new Darwin Centre – opened to the public in September 2009.

10 March 2013 | by

As part of the series of BITESized talks at the RIBA Village auditorium at Ecobuild 2013, Dr Stephen Hamil of RIBA Enterprises discusses specification in a BIM world.

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