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Contracts and Law

Keep your practice and your projects running effectively while remaining legally compliant. Tap into specialist insight and analysis on contracts and law from NBS.

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21 August 2017 | by
Last amended on 07 December 2017

Take part in our fourth survey covering construction contracts used during the past 12 months.

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10 October 2016 | by

Retentions have traditionally been imposed to ensure that the contractor properly completes the activities required of them under the contract. We explore how retentions are administered and how they manifest across various forms of contract.

12 September 2017 | by

While primarily arising from a dispute over contract terms and the value of the works, the decision in TRANT ENGINEERING LTD V MOTT MACDONALD LTD  [2017] case is of particular interest as it is the first published case where BIM features substantively.

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28 November 2011 | by

This programme has been made to tie in with a new book ‘Guide to NEC3’ by Frances Forward, which explains NEC3 from the architect’s perspective.

07 October 2011 | by

Four classic case law cases. Roger Knowles talks through the logic behind the judgements and he explains how and why the judges arrived at their decisions.

07 October 2011 | by

Four classic cases: Moresk Cleaners v Thomas Henwood Hicks, British Steel v Cleveland Bridge, Aluminium Industrie v Romalpa, and Butler Machine Tool Company v Ex-Cell-O Corporation are explained. Roger Knowles talks through the logic behind the judgements and he explains how and why the judges arrived at their decisions.

07 October 2011 | by

Commercial property landlords have a duty to maintain, repair and keep in good working order the common parts of the premises. The cost of meeting this obligation is recovered by the landlord through the collection of service charge payments made by the buildings' occupiers.

07 October 2011 | by

Our guest, Alison Oakes of Landmark Chambers, defines Right to Light and explains how it is acquired through deeds and (more commonly) via the 1832 Prescription Act.

07 October 2011 | by

The New Engineering Contract is a modern family of standard form construction contracts that truly embraces the concept of partnership – encouraging clients, designers and contractors to work together in construction projects. Originally introduced in 1993, the NEC has become increasingly popular, with the third edition of the contract published in 2005.

01 September 2011 | by

Part 8 of the Local Democracy, Economic Development and Construction (LDEDC) Act 2009 amends the adjudication and payment provisions in Part II of the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration (HGCR) Act 1996.

01 September 2011 | by

Stuart Doran assesses implications and features of the 2011 editions of the JCT contracts.

18 July 2011 | by

This programme takes an in-depth look at three classic cases in law that have a direct impact on the work of professionals in the construction industry. By examining the implications of the rulings from these seemingly unrelated cases, construction professionals can get a clearer picture of their responsibilities in law towards their direct clients and others.

17 July 2011 | by

The country's top village green expert, George Laurence QC, who has appeared in all of the recent House of Lords and Supreme Court cases in this area, gives a critical – and practical – update for viewers.

17 July 2011 | by

The decision to create a Supreme Court for the United Kingdom was groundbreaking and controversial. How has it been deployed in terms of bricks, mortar and judging? This programme explores the background to an exciting legal and architectural project of huge national and constitutional importance.

17 July 2011 | by

This programme takes a look at how the NEC3 Engineering and Construction Contract, and in particular its programme, can help site teams achieve higher levels of success.

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