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Health and Safety

What to consider to ensure the health and safety of yourself and others on construction projects. Tap into specialist insight and analysis on Health and Safety from NBS.

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21 September 2016 | by

Employers have a responsibility when it comes to providing personal protective equipment (and ensuring it is appropriately used) in the workplace. Here we outline some of the key considerations when thinking about PPE.

11 July 2016 | by

We explore the concept of corporate social responsibility as it pertains to the construction industry and the benefits of adopting a socially responsible mind-set.

14 March 2016 | by

We take a look at some key documentation that will prove invaluable when planning the fire safety strategy of your next project.

01 January 2017 | by

In a bid to make construction sites safer a new colour coded system of safety helmets came into force for Build UK member organisations in January 2017 - with white becoming the most common colour on construction sites.

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01 January 2015 | by

We review the risks to both property and construction activities, how to reduce those risks, and what to do in the event of wind damage.

01 November 2014 | by

We examine in detail the ‘hard hat’ – or ‘safety helmet’ – an essential item of safety equipment.

22 December 2013 | by

In this programme Philip White, HSE's Chief Inspector of Construction and author of the Plan of Work 2010/11 talks about the HSE's plans to tackle deaths, injuries and lost working days.

A look at the potential fire risks that might be associated with solar electric and photovoltaic systems.

07 March 2013 | by

As part of the series of BITESized talks at the RIBA Village auditorium at Ecobuild 2013, Stefan Mordue of RIBA Enterprises discusses the health and safety implications of BIM.

01 November 2012 | by

We call out some key safety considerations when undertaking site surveys.

08 October 2012 | by

The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 came into force on 6 April 2012 (superseding the 2006 version) leading to additional requirements involving how asbestos-related work is notified and recorded and setting out a new need for 'medical surveillance'.

08 October 2012 | by

The programme is a studio-based interview with architect and CDM-co-ordinator Paul Bussey from Scott Brownrigg. Against the backdrop of the current Working at Height Regulations, Paul sets out the dangers and explains the delicate balance that architects must strike between giving clients what they want and ensuring that those constructing and maintaining the building do not face unreasonable levels of risk while carrying out their work.

17 July 2012 | by

Our guests – Giles Meredith from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and James Ritchie from the Association of Project Safety (APS) – discuss the role of CDM coordinators, including how and when they should be appointed, how one judges competency, and how existing risks such as lead paint should (and should not) be handled.

01 May 2012 | by

Stefan Mordue looks at the health and safety recommendations that have shaped our football stadia.

28 November 2011 | by

The Plan of Work sets out the work of the Construction Division for 2011/12 and outlines the direction until 2014. This programme will examine the five generic issues that will be considered at all site visits: including Work at height; Provision of welfare facilities; Good order; and Respiratory risks.

07 October 2011 | by

NHS guidance on controlling Legionella is discussed, covering inspections, maintenance and temperature regulation.

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