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29 October 2015 | by

The increasing popularity of green façades, living and brown walls comes under scrutiny in the first of a three part series.

28 January 2016 | by

An estimated 50 million litres of waste decorative paint is generated in the UK each year. A new industry-led project aims to create a circular economy for such paint, to stop it ending up in landfill.

08 February 2017 | by

Are electric highways the answer to the range problem? Harry Hoster explores the potential for electric vehicle charging without the wires and muses on a dense network of roads that can charge vehicles on the move.

26 October 2016 | by

Renewable sources of energy have surpassed coal in the past year to become the largest source of installed power capacity in the world according to a new International Energy Agency study.

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29 July 2016 | by

PAS 2080 is the first specification in the world that specifically addresses managing carbon in infrastructure.

26 July 2016 | by

A newly published BRE report, New insights into air conditioning in the UK, sheds important light on electricity usage by air conditioning in UK offices and retail environments.

19 July 2016 | by

There's a packed events programme in store for the second half of the year. Don’t miss out on the best conferences, exhibitions, expos and networking events that can add value to your working life in 2016.

15 July 2016 | by

Adrian Malleson takes the temperature of a UK construction industry mulling its post-Brexit future, distilling the responses to our recent survey on the historic referendum on EU membership.

11 July 2016 | by

The finalists in this year's Green Gown Awards have just been announced by the Evironmental Association for Universities and Colleges (EUAC).

11 July 2016 | by

We explore the concept of corporate social responsibility as it pertains to the construction industry and the benefits of adopting a socially responsible mind-set.

01 July 2016 | by

Following the UK’s referendum on our future in Europe, we would like to invite you to take part in an NBS survey about what the result means for our sector.

21 June 2016 | by

Lift shafts put a dampener on our architectural ambitions so what if lifts could travel horizontally and vertically? thyssenkrupp have unveiled a vision of the future Wonka would be proud of.

15 June 2016 | by

While the three little pigs may not favour houses made of straw there's much to recommend straw bales in modern construction. We single out some exemplar projects and present a guide to using straw in your construction projects.

15 June 2016 | by

UK universities are becoming increasingly competitive as the student pool shallows. Iconic building and refurbishment projects are becoming increasingly common both as a means of attracting new students and meeting the shifting needs of existing workers and learners. We explore some of the key trends emerging from UK higher education's construction projects.

03 June 2016 | by

Our ecological footprints are outstripping our planet’s ability to supply but, if change is needed, what kind of changes should we be looking at? We explore some innovative efforts aimed at securing a more sustainable future for all.

02 June 2016 | by

Digital Construction Week is set to return this October and is working with the teams behind some of the biggest construction and infrastructure projects the UK has ever seen, with Crossrail and HS2 confirmed as industry partners for this year's show.

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