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We round-up a range of articles looking at Specification - the supporting document at the heart of a construction project that codifies requirements and expectations.

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01 January 2015 | by

2016 will see the mandatory use of Level 2 BIM on all public-funded projects. In this 10 part series we explore how your business can become BIM-ready. This time, creating a business audit (part one).

01 November 2014 | by

A look at how NBS services have been used to develop Bridlington Leisure World.

01 August 2014 | by

The August 2014 update to the masonry content in NBS Create brought with it a new, more flexible way to specify masonry systems and products. The new method differs significantly from the original approach; this article will explain the background.

01 March 2014 | by

Jenny Dobson rounds up findings from the NBS Specification Survey and introduces the NBS Specification Report 2013.

01 July 2013 | by

Discover how NBS Create has been designed to enable you to quickly and easily specify construction products either generically or by using manufacturer and product references. This guide also illustrates how to export a full list of all the manufacturers and product specified in your NBS Create specification, plus how to output into a COBie format.

10 March 2013 | by

As part of the series of BITESized talks at the RIBA Village auditorium at Ecobuild 2013, Dr Stephen Hamil of RIBA Enterprises discusses specification in a BIM world.

01 June 2012 | by

We summarize the requirements of the CDM Regulations, current fire legislation and HSE guidance, and review the implications for the design and specification of projects.

11 April 2012 | by

As part of the series of BITESized talks at the RIBA Village auditorium at Ecobuild 2013, Clair Hillier of RIBA Enterprises discusses intelligent proprietary specification.

01 November 2011 | by

Ian Chapman, Head of Specification at NBS, explains the features of Create in the launch version for building services engineers.

01 November 2011 | by

We explore substitution, the use of 'or equal' and its ilk, and 'deemed-to-comply' specifications, and make a few suggestions.

01 September 2011 | by
Last amended on 07 April 2017

Construction Operations Building Information Exchange (COBie) is a non-proprietary data format for the publication of a subset of building information models (BIM) focused on delivering asset data as distinct from geometric information. Stephen Hamil examines COBie and discusses the role of CAD and master specification systems in creating this data model.

01 March 2011 | by

We know that BIM means general change in construction industry working practices; it also means change in specification writing practices by NBS technical authors and for project specifications in general.

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